Q&A with SourceBio Executive Chairman, Jay Lecoque & CFO Tony Ratcliffe

In this fascinating interview, Executive Chairman Jay Lecoque & CFO Tony Ratcliffe of SourceBio International take me through today’s record results & positive outlook. Including:

00:00 Strategic rationale wrt the exciting £18.5m acquisition of LDPath in Mar’22
04:45 Progress on integration.
05:35 Anticipated growth trajectory for enlarged pathology division?
06:30 Opportunity to introduce AI to increase speed, throughput & capacity of existing pathologists?
06:55 Key takeaways from this morning’s 2021 numbers
08:45 VAT dispute with HMRC
09:50 Future growth of Genomics & Stability Storage divisions
11:25 Opportunity to repurpose Covid PCR testing resource & equipment.
14:25 Possible new organic and M&A investments ?
17:10 Q1 trading & 2022 outlook
19:10 Indicative stock valuation
19:45 Long term target for Gross & EBITDA margins.
21:10 Future news flow

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