Reg Hoare, a Managing Director of MHP Communications, Investing Matters Podcast Ep 16

Welcome to this brand new investing podcast from the London South East. My name is Peter Higgins, you can find me on Twitter and I will be your host for this series of Investing Matters podcasts.

What can you expect from the Investing Matters podcasts? A great question. You will find long form interviews with noteworthy veterans and experts from the investment and fund management industry. During these interviews each interviewee will share and impart their knowledge, learning and insights on what aspects of Investing truly matters to them and what in their view should matter to investors. We hope this knowledge exchange benefits all and enables all those accessing and listening to these podcasts to achieve even greater investing success.

With that in mind, welcome to episode sixteen of the Investing Matter series, which is with the hugely talented and experienced Investment industry expert, Reg Hoare, a Managing Director of Financial PR firm MHP Communications. As the son of a farmer did not have the opportunity to join his Dad in the family business. He instead went to Bristol University, where he successfully completed his Degree in Politics which had a large segment in Economics. The City of London otherwise known as the Investment heartland had been an “alien place” to Reg prior to his studies, now as a graduate seemed, “like the logical place to go”. Therefore, Reg applied for Graduate Trainee opportunities in the City. He was successful in gain a position with Laurie Milbank a Stockbroking Partnership in 1983.

Over the following near forty years, Reg has enjoyed 11 years in Investment Banking and Securities, principally at SG Warburg and Nomura. He switched to financial PR in 1995, currently at MHP Communication, and specialises in advising mid-market companies, from FTSE 250 to AIM 100 across several sectors. He has a long track record of advising in complex situations including IPOs, fund raising, M&A, crises and restructurings. He also served for 8 years as a Board member of the Investor Relations Society, Europe’s leading body for investor relations practitioners.

In this Investing Matters podcast, I discuss with Reg, his current role as a Financial PR professional, his successful long-term investing strategy across small cap stocks, Funds, Investment Trusts, position sizing, top slicing, sector rotation, the psychology of the markets, staying calm during volatile markets, mistakes, emotional attachments, discount to net asset value, diversification, mistakes, why buy and build works, his investing style and much more.

We hope you enjoy this podcast, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

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