Royal Mail restarts overseas parcel exports, but the grip of ransomware attacks remains

Royal Mail, part International Distributions Services PLC(LSE:IDS), (IDS) said that it has resumed overseas parcel exports to the UK while it continues to deal with “cyber incidents”.

After trying out some “operational solutions” yesterday, the group began processing the backlog of parcels it had received since the ransomware attack a week ago.

The company said it was sending only “limited volumes” of backlog at the moment, but asked people to refrain from sending any parcels to overseas destinations.

Royal Mail stated that customers can now send outbound letters to their overseas addresses, while domestic services and import operations will not be affected.

Royal Mail stated yesterday that their initial focus would be to clear any mail that has been processed and is awaiting to be dispatched.

Simon Thompson, chief executive of IDS, insisted earlier this week to Parliament that no customer information had been revealed. However, the company stated it was still working with security experts and external specialists “to mitigate the effect”.

Russian-linked ransomware company Lockbit was responsible for the incident, according to the Telegraph last week. Royal Mail, however, declined to comment.

Software self-pilots attacks are where cyber criminals try to encrypt important files and demand payment.

Analysts believe the crisis-hit company is still locked in a dispute with employees and unions over wages and conditions. This loss was caused by a PS745mln loss at Royal Mail.