Savannah Resources makes progress in social impact assessment for Barroso

Savannah Resources PLC (AIM, ETR:SAV and OTC:SAVNF), has announced its progress in completing a social impact assessment of its Barroso lithium project, Northern Portugal.

In a statement, the company noted that it had received information from local residents about the results of a series of interviews in October.

Residents’ insights included concerns about potential impacts on the local environment, including biodiversity and water resources, as well as requests for more information.

Other concerns were raised by residents, such as possible negative effects on the quality of life due to increased traffic and dust in the area.

They also saw the positives, such as the possibility of job creation and infrastructure development in the area. The project could be a catalyst to further economic development in the region. The community members saw it as a positive because it could reverse the long-term trend of declining populations.

Savannah plans to submit its final report from the first phase of its social impact assessment to APA, Portugal’s environmental regulator, in the current quarter.

Savannah chief executive Dale Ferguson stated, “I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who participated in the initial survey conducted through community Insights. We look forward to continuing to hear from and engage with many more people as this process continues.”

We value your feedback and will keep listening to the community. The feedback received so far has been extremely valuable. We have used this feedback to inform our approach in revising the project design.

These physical aspects include infrastructure, management local water resources, landscape impacts, and ecological systems. We look forward to sharing more information about the revised designs and the entire project with all stakeholders once they are submitted to APA in the second quarter.

Ferguson said: “APA also asked that we examine the socio-economic aspect of the project, including its impact on other local businesses.

“We are currently in the process of doing so as we seek to strengthen the connections between the project’s stakeholders and the local community.

“Savannah values its relationships with the community and hopes to be a valuable and useful presence within local society.

“We must design and manage the project responsibly, to the standards required by licencing, and also respect and support the culture, traditions, and people of the area. This is essential to its identity.

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