See Alasdair Haynes, Founder/CEO, Aquis Stock Exchange make his pitch for the Exchange here

On the evening of Tuesday 8th June we were delighted to partner with the Aquis Stock Exchange to showcase four of the best and brightest #AQSE-listed growth stocks, in order to shine a bright light on what the Exchange can do for small and medium sized listed companies.

On the night we were delighted to be joined by four CEO’s, each representing cutting edge innovation and looking to the future with their growth offerings. These were David Hampstead the CEO of Samarkand Group, Richard Poulden, the Chairman at Valereum Blockchain, Geremy Thomas Executive Chairman at Sativa Wellness Group and Kevin Soltani, CEO at esports company Semper Fortis. Videos of all these presentations are now available.

The ‘Aquis Special’ evening was introduced by the inimitable Alasdair Haynes, Founder and CEO at the Aquis Stock Exchange – and this video is his excellent introduction and Q&A. Please do watch as it is fairly short and well worth a look.

#AQX is a listed company with a market cap of £190 million in its own right. To give you a little background, NEX Exchange was acquired by Aquis in March 2020, and the Aquis Exchange have been innovating ever since. The AQSE Growth Market is divided into two segments ‘Access’ and ‘Apex’, with the Access market focusing on earlier stage growth companies while Apex is the market for larger, more established businesses. Of our four companies, two represent Apex and two Access.

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