Sharon Bentley-Hamlyn, Founder and Director at Aubrey Capital, Investing Matters Podcast, Episode 22

Welcome to this brand-new investing podcast from the London South East. My name is Peter Higgins, you can find me on Twitter @conkers3 and I will be your host for this series of Investing Matters podcasts.

What can you expect from the Investing Matters podcasts? A great question. You will find long form interviews with noteworthy veterans and experts from the investment and fund management industry. During these interviews each interviewee will share and impart their knowledge, learning and insights on what aspects of Investing truly matters to them and what in their view should matter to investors. We hope this knowledge exchange benefits all and enables all those accessing and listening to these podcasts to achieve even greater investing success.

With that in mind, welcome to episode twenty-two, which is with the hugely talented, founder, director and fund manager, Sharon Bentley-Hamlyn of Aubrey Capital Management, a specialist global investment manager.

Sharon has been responsible for Aubrey’s European strategy since its inception in 2008. She is also head of research and lead manager on two Luxembourg quoted European SICAVs (investment company with variable capital), and a UK quoted Europe ex-UK OEIC (an open-ended investment company). Sharon heads up Aubrey’s Sustainability Committee, which ensures the consistency of ESG scoring across both investee companies and internally within Aubrey, as well as monitoring UN supported PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) reporting.

Sharon’s financial career started at Crédit Commercial de France as an analyst in its Mergers & Acquisitions division. This came after she originally trained as an opera singer in the 1980s.

Between 1992 and 2006, Sharon was with Walter Scott & Partners, becoming a Board Director in 2001. Here, she had a global remit following extensive research experience into the major markets of the world: the UK and Europe (including emerging Europe), the USA and Far East. For almost a decade she held primary responsibility for the firm’s European stock selection and for the firm’s regional European assignments, either fully discretionary or with client-specific parameters. Sharon helped develop the firm’s institutional fund management business and managed several publicly quoted SICAVs.

Sharon was ranked 9th in Citywire’s Alpha Female Report, which ranks managers across all asset classes according to consistency of performance over the past 5 years. Investment Week’s Women in Investment Awards awarded her Highly Commended in the category Fund Manager of the Year (small to medium firms). In 2021, Aubrey Fund Manager Sharon Bentley-Hamlyn was yet again one of Citywire Top 30 Female Investment Managers Worldwide, highlighting the expert skills of our fund management team. The Aubrey European Investment team (led by AAA Citywire ranked fund manager Sharon Bentley-Hamlyn) focuses on companies with ROE, EPS and CROA greater than 15%, which typically have little or no debt.

In addition to holding a degree from Bristol University and a MBA from the University of Edinburgh, Sharon is fluent in both French and Italian.

In this Investing Matters podcast, I discuss with Sharon, the winning overperformance strategies of the Aubrey Capital funds, running fully invested portfolios, buying methodology, triggers for selling, the potential of investing in European growth stocks, ESG, psychology, diversity, role in supporting and nurturing the next generation of potential smart/well equipped young leaders, her experiences of working through the “Big Bang/deregulation of the financial markets, her investing inspirations, mistakes, lessons, success and much more.

We hope you enjoy this podcast, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

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