Singer Capital Markets Monthly Macro Update – May 2022

Legendary US heavyweight boxer Joe Louis once said: “you can run but you can't hide.” But in today & volatile markets, are there any places where investors can (relatively) safely park their money?

Find out here from capital markets expert Jamie Constable of Singers, including:

00:00 Will the current rally hold, & will there be a recession?
10:30 State of the IPO/secondary fund raising market?
10:55 Belluscura #BELL
12:10 FRP Advisory #FRP &Manolete #MANO
12:35 Venture Life #VLG
14:25 CVS Group #CVSG
16:15 Artisanal Spirits #ART
18:50 Warpaint #W7L
20:05 Revolution Beauty #REVB
20:45 Avingtrans #AVG
22:05 Verici DX #VRCI
23:40 Lunglife AI #LLAI
25:25 Eneraqua Technologies #ETP
29:10 Saietta #SED

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