Singer Capital Markets Monthly Macro Update – November 2022

Jamie Constable, Market Strategist at Singer Capital Markets is pleased to deliver his ‘Monthly Macro Update’ for November with Vox Markets

00:29 View on the softer than expected US consumer price index figures and the market reaction
03:39 What comes next for the US economy and how it’s likely to affect the Federal Reserve’s decisions
06:10 The outlook for corporate earnings and the prospect of earnings downgrades
09:00 The end of cheap money and the likelihood of a more cautious era for valuations
11:02 What’s going in the UK and the difficulties faced by the Bank of England and ECB
16:25 What’s happening in China, and why a continuing shutdown is problematic for the West
19:56 The prospects for miners and the possibility of a global infrastructure investment boom
22:50 The trade off between investing in old energy and renewables
25:28 How the UK going to pay for its infrastructure given the poor state of public finances
29:30 Signs of a slowdown in the UK housing market and the difficulties for the housebuilding sector
35:23 Why the UK market’s cheapness is starting to attract investment inflows

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