Singer Monthly Macro Update -Dec 2022: Fighting The Fed

Vox Markets talks to Jamie Constable of Singer Capital Markets about macroeconomic developments over the last month including a week in which central banks ramped up their hawkish rhetoric, and weigh up the likely winning sectors in 2023 as the world slides into recession.

00:00 Intro
00:35 What this week’s interest rises mean for the markets and economy, and the outlook for inflation
05:35 The strong jobs market and its potential to keep inflation elevated
07:59 What’s going on with the dollar, and its effect on other asset classes
10:02 Signs of a global recession, and its possible length and depth
13:15 The difficulties faced by the Federal Reserve and the likelihood of a pivot
21:49 Opportunities in energy and infrastructure, and how indebted Western governments can pay for infrastructure renewal
23:43 Improved political stability in the UK, and the need for long-term government planning
26:25 The importance of reforms to the UK financial services industry to promote green finance and technology investment
28:03 Winning sectors in 2023, including commodities and quality industrials
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