Sky announces a 6.7 billion pound broadcasting deal with Sky for most Premier League games

Sky acquired the largest package of games from the Premier League since its inception. The English top flight sold its domestic broadcasting rights to Comcast’s broadcaster, TNT Sports, for more than £1.6bn per year.

The deal was worth £6.7bn (including highlights) over four seasons and was a test of Premier League bargaining power. It locked in revenue until 2029.

Sky acquired four out of five packages sold at auction. This is the maximum number that any broadcaster can purchase. The package includes more than 200 games, including the “Super Sunday” slot. TNT, a broadcaster owned by Warner Brothers Discovery and BT, has acquired the remaining Saturday lunchtime package.

Amazon has agreed to stop screening Premier League games in the UK. Dazn, supported by billionaire Leonard Blavatnik, is another competing bidder that did not secure the rights to broadcast any Premier League matches for the next 4 years.
Richard Masters, Premier League chief executive, was put to the test by the auction. It was the first time that in five years the top flight sold its domestic rights. The deal was rolled over from a previous agreement during the coronavirus epidemic.

Masters sent a letter to clubs explaining that the £6.4bn is a 4 percent increase on the average annual rights fee from the previous agreement.The BBC paid £282mn, which was the same as the previous deal.

Masters said that the auction result showed how the Premier League, its clubs, managers, and players provide top-quality football in full stadiums.It also was a testament to the fans who create ‘an unrivalled atmosphere each week.

Sky Group CEO Dana Strong announced that customers will experience a substantial increase in the number of matches from the world’s most renowned league.
The league has increased the number of live games in the package from 200 to 270 per year. The league also reduced the number of packages that were available for bids from seven to five, in order to create more competition for the rights.

The Premier League has a global appeal, and its international broadcasting rights have previously exceeded the value of domestic deals. The Premier League’s international rights are estimated to be worth about £5.3bn from 2022-25. This is higher than the £5.1bn from domestic deals.
The English Football League is one of the UK’s most important cultural exports, but it has been at odds with the government regarding the introduction of an independent regulator. The league warned that the Conservative Government’s decision may hamper its competitiveness, and increase political interference.

The Premier League could be urged to spend more money on the lower divisions of football if broadcast fees increase. The English Football League and top-flight clubs have been urged by the government to reach an agreement on redistribution terms. However, negotiations are still ongoing.

The Premier League handles pressure better than other European football leagues that aren’t as popular worldwide.
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