The Crypto Report: Bitcoin and Ethereum end the week strong

The crypto markets rounded off a turbulent week on a positive note, gaining 2.8% on Friday morning, bringing market cap to US$1.06tln.

Bitcoin stayed relatively flat at US$23,156, though Ethereum outperformed with a 6.6% boost to $US1,590.

Among Friday’s biggest risers were decentralised stablecoin exchange Curve, which added nearly 25%, and derivatives exchange Synthetix, which added 16% to its US$377mln market cap.

Blockchain networks have been the top gainers this past week, with Polygon, IoTeX, Fantom, Avalanche and NEAR Protocol all enjoying double-digit growth.

Total volumes across the DeFi sector rose 12.7% to US$85.8bln over the past week, encouraged by DAI stablecoin developer MakerDAO’s seven-day gain of 10.9%.

Overall, crypto had a much-needed 12.4% rally over the past seven days.

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