The Goldplat gold recovery CEO welcomes record FY2022 profits and highlights stability of earnings

London South East interviewed the Goldplat CEO Werner Klingenberg from Johannesburg just after #GDP announced Full Year results to June 2022. Goldplat is an international gold recovery business with operations in South Africa and Ghana. The combined operating profit for the operating entities rose to almost £8M gross for the full year, up from £5.3M for the previous year.

In an interview intended for potential new investors as well as long term holders, Werner explained the strategy in detail, and said he was happy not just to welcome growth in profitability to £8 Million for the year excluding head office costs, but to prove the sustainability of those numbers to the market.

“Since we decided to move away from mining and focused our attention on the metals recovery business, we’ve been able to grow the business from a client perspective and to develop new processing facilities. Focussing on our core business has been very successful and highlights how sustainable those profits are in the recovery business. Kilimenpesa has found it’s right home and we have found our right strategy” said Werner.

“We have an expertise at this” said Werner. “We already have the plant and the human capital capable of dealing with the metal recovery process, and provide a one-stop shop, something our clients may not have.”

” We search broadly for raw materials already. There’s still a lot of opportunity, there’s still a lot of scope for growth out there. The positive for me is that there are still a lot of mines in West Africa and South America that we are currently NOT servicing. That may because we are still engaging with them or sometimes making the Government of the country we are exporting the material from comfortable with the process of exporting materials to our premises in South Africa or Ghana.”

“From a key multiples perspective I believe the stock is quite cheap” said Werner.” “We’ve proved the sustainability of the recovery operations, and that together with the upside of the Tailings Storage Facility and all the other upsides we are busy with. I have indicated to the market we are looking at a broad spectrum of materials, how we can assist industry more, and assist in recovery. There’s a big future for Goldplat and at the current profit levels It’s very cheap so from that perspective I believe there’s still a lot of value to come.”

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