The ‘the GPT Effect’ could lead to AI chatbots being everywhere.

Although large language model tools aren’t new, the popularity of OpenAI’s ChatGPT has put Microsoft against Google in the online search wars. It could even change the way the internet looks.

Microsoft’s new Bing chatbot powered by OpenAI’s technology is still experiencing apparent problems. (Bing’s AI chatbot, has been known for its quirky and unexpected responses from users who have been able to try it out.

The hype is still strong. Yusuf Mehdi , a Microsoft executive, tweeted this Week that multiple millions are on a waiting list to test the bot and that it’s currently being tested in “169 nations.”

Google seems to be pushing its Bard AI chatbot forward, with Sundar Pichai as CEO urging employees get on board to make the bot ready for deployment.

This technology promises to transform search, from a simple query that returns a list of results to a more complex one. Insider’s testing of the new Bing found that it was interactive and could be used as an assistant to search the web for specific suggestions for travel and sight-seeing, or to create daily schedules.

However, the conversational, AI-assistant model could be used to help consumers with other online activities, such as shopping, managing their budgets or tracking their exercise, according to Prasanna Arikala (chief technology officer, Orlando-based company .ai).

OpenAI’s leadership acknowledged that there will be challenges in ensuring that bots provide accurate information.Arikala stated to Insider that “it is going to transform the way we live our lives.” It’s important to know where the line is between what to believe and how to use that information responsibly.

ChatGPT can be used to train other AI models as well, said Cameron Turner, Kin + Carta’s vice president of data science. Kin + Carta is a Chicago-based consultancy firm that helps companies use data effectively to grow their businesses. Turner was also the leader of a Microsoft-based data-oriented group called its Telemetry group.Turner stated that ChatGPT can help to produce structured data that can be used to train other AI models for more specific uses. AI technology is currently being developed. It can assist with health care research and fight cyberattacks. It can also improve supply chain logistics.

He said that AI can be used in this manner “if you are looking to experiment at a low cost, without having to make a commitment, and without purchasing large amounts of data just to test your hypothesis.”It’s not only the internet. Experts in tech also believe that OpenAI’s language processing tool will enhance other types of cutting-edge technology with which humans interact. Tesca Fitzgerald, a Yale University assistant professor, stated that it could help robots communicate. She teaches a course on artificial intelligence and conducts research in robotics.Fitzgerald explained that robots can be taught and programmed to detect their surroundings and move in their environment. Each component requires specialized knowledge. She said that OpenAI’s GPT technology could be used to allow robots to “talk” with human-directed machines.Fitzgerald stated that GPT could be used to show robots how to solve a problem and then break it down into simpler steps to complete tasks