Todos Medical receives Notices of Allowance for its TBIA pan-cancer blood diagnostics platform

Todos Medical Ltd. (OTCQB:TOMDF) CEO Gerald Commissiong tells Proactive’s Stephen Gunnion the company has received two Notices of Allowance from the US Patent & Trademark Office for patent applications covering its total biochemical infrared analysis (TBIA) fourier transformed infrared (FTIR) pan-cancer blood diagnostics platform.

Commissiong explained that as Todos prepares to launch its Videssa breast cancer test in 2023, it will be important to capture TBIA FTIR data from each patient tested with Videssa so the company can continue to build the TBIA FTIR algorithm in order to gather sufficient data to submit to the US Food and Drug Administration.

The platform will allow Todos to test for multiple cancers from the same blood sample because of the power of spectroscopy, as compared with more traditional antibody-based assays that make multiplexing challenging, he added.

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