Verici DX – Interview with CEO Sara Barrington

The ‘golden rule’ when investing healthcare, is to buy ‘best in class’ technology targeted at large addressable markets. Here Sara Barrington CEO of Verici DX explains why this pioneering immunodiagnostics firm – developing a full suite of next generation pre/post kidney transplant tests – ticks the box.

00:00 Key benefits of the Tuteva test (VRCI)
06:12 Size of the addressable market (VRCI)
07:11 Superior clinical performance of Tuteva vs existing diagnostics (VRCI)
13:01 Positive response from last week’s America Transplant Congress (VRCI)
16:46 Update on Clarava & Protega (VRCI)
20:35 Clinical importance of VRCIs suite of tests (VRCI)
22:56 Commercialisation strategy (VRCI)
27:13 Future newsflow (VRCI)

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