Vietnam Holdings year in review: moving up the economic value chain

Vietnam is on course to be one of the fastest growing economies in 2022 as it continues its post-pandemic recovery and attracts more high-value technology investment

00:00 Intro
00:40 Looking at Vietnam’s economic performance in 2022 and the drivers behind its return to rapid growth including the relocation of manufacturing to Vietnam, particularly from China.
04:04 The expansion of Western technology manufacturers in Vietnam and the potential for the country to move further up the value chain, and how this is benefiting VNH’s portfolio companies.
07:44 How the expansion of technology manufacturing is increasing both the wealth and intellectual capacity of Vietnam, and the county’s investment in STEM education and e-commerce?
11:08 Is there a risk that investment in Vietnam slows as China reopens, or has Vietnam moved beyond simply being a low-cost producer?
14:11 The importance of ESG in VNH’s investment approach, the practical benefits of sustainable investing, and how it’s working with its portfolio companies on their ESG journeys.
17:02 Vietnam’s sensitivity to interest rate rises, other factors affecting the Vietnam market, and how VNH is managing to outperform the market and taking advantage of the current cheapness.

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