Vox Markets Voices of Wall Street – NewEdge Wealth, Founder and Managing Partner Rob Sechan

NewEdge Wealth, Founder and Managing Partner Rob Sechan, talks with Vox Markets about their portfolio approach and the importance of tactical allocation and being long term holders over traders. Rob goes on to discuss his top line view of equities


Outlook for equites – start
How to find attractive investment opportunities & generates Alpha? 04:30

Stocks mentioned:

Microsoft & Alphabet 07:15
Taiwan Semi-conductor 12:50
JP Morgan 14:55
Home Depot 16:40
How to distinguish between a ‘Value Trap’ & a ‘Value Play’? 20:40
EOG 22:10
Hilton Worldwide 25:50
Dexcom 28:25
Safehold 31:30
Green Thumb Industries 35:25
Rockwell Automation 37:50
What should investors watch out for? 39:30

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