Wellbeing Digital Sciences announces subsidiary looking to conduct Psilocybin Phase 2a Trial

Wellbeing Digital Science CEO Najla Guthrie joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share news the company’s wholly subsidiary, KGK Sciences, has completed the chemistry, manufacturing and controls package to be used in support of a phase 2A microdose psilocybin fragile X syndrome clinical trial.
Guthrie telling Proactive its client Nova Mentis Life Science Corp. is looking to do a Phase 2A trial using Nova’s 1.5 mg psilocybin microdose capsules. The study will provide evaluation of psilocybin microdose therapy for fragile X syndrome, the leading cause of autism spectrum disorder.

Guthrie also shred her thoughts on a recent decision from the Government of Alberta laying out an initial regulatory plan for using psychedelic drugs in the treatment of mental health.

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