Which? says Shell and SSE are the worst for customer satisfaction in energy.

According to Which?, Shell is among the worst-rated energy suppliers. survey.

After surveying over 10,000 customers and 16 suppliers in Great Britain, the consumer choice researcher placed Shell and SSE at the bottom of the assessment score.

SSE scored 58% and Shell 58% respectively, while Scottish Power’s score was 51%.

Centrica-owned British Gas came in ninth place with a score 60 percent.

Octopus Energy was the top scorer with 78%. Utilita came in second at 67%, while Utility Warehouse was third at 65%.

Scores were determined based on the views of consumers about providers’ practices around customer service, supporting vulnerable clients and complaints data.

The scores are weighted. 40% is based upon customer support, 30% on complaints performance, 30% on customer service, and 30% on support for customers in crisis.

Which? Which? reported that the score of our customer survey was combined with our behind-the-scenes assessment.

SSE doesn’t appear to have suffered from poor customer satisfaction scores. However, it raised its full year EPS expectations 2022/23 because higher gas prices and improved gas storage optimisation compensated for lower-than expected renewables output and buy-back costs.

According to the FTSE 100 listed power producer, EPS will now exceed 120p in comparison to previous guidance.

Providers saw a boom in profits after energy prices shot up following Russia’s invasion Ukraine 12 months ago.

Household energy bills will also fall as wholesale prices start to fall.

Cornwall Insights, an energy consultancy, predicts that the Ofgem energy price cap would be PS3,208 for the average household starting in April. This is PS300 lower than originally forecasted but will drop to PS2,200 during July.

Cornwall Insight forecasted that by April 2022, the average energy bill would be PS6,600 annually. This was due to Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine.

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