The UK Wind Power Generation Reached a Record High in 2022

According to the BBC, wind power generated in the UK accounted for 26.8% of total electricity generation. This was a record-breaking year, according to data from National Grid.

The report also noted that wind was responsible for more electricity generation than any fossil fuels, along with nuclear. This is despite the fact gas, which accounted for 38.5 percent, was the largest source of electricity generation in the nation in 2022. According to the National Grid numbers.

These numbers also revealed that more than half of the country’s electricity was generated by nuclear and wind for five months in 2017. Britons still paid high prices for electricity, even though they were subject to the same rules as in continental Europe. The electricity market in the UK is based on the cost of gas, just like the rest of Europe.

“The UK has a great record in offshore wind. According to the BBC, the head of energy at Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (an energy non-profit), stated that the UK is a huge player in offshore wind and that the industry is attractive.

Jess Ralson stated, “Our outdated energy grid needs to be upgraded to maximize the opportunities that solar and wind offer to continue to lower our bills.”

At 25.5 GW, the UK has the largest wind power capacity in the world. Government plans will see this increase significantly. For 2030, 50 GW offshore wind power is the goal.

In a report published late last year, Ofgem, the country’s energy regulator, stated that “The Government’s Energy Security Strategy” set out steps to accelerate our transition from dependence on costly and environmentally damaging fossil fuels.

“The invasion in Ukraine shows that this transition is not only about meeting Great Britain’s Net Zero targets but also highlights the necessity to reduce our dependence on gas from a security-of-supply perspective.”